Six weeks with Marie has been nothing short of life changing. Hip tightness had caused nagging sciatic nerve pain. With Marie's help I experienced pain relief, but more importantly, began to understand the root causes for that pain and developed the tools to alleviate that pain. The reason that Rolfing with Marie is life changing is as a result of the care she takes in explaining cause and effect. She ensures that her client feels safe and encourages movement and safely pressing one's limits. During the course of therapy we uncovered and worked on other issues which caused me to realize the amount of modification and adaptation I had been doing. It was like learning to walk again. For anyone seeking to get to the next level in fitness, pain management and overall health I enthusiastically recommend Marie.

Christine S., June 2016

* * * 

Working with Marie has truly transformed my body. In 1996 I was in a motorcycle accident. Since then my body has never felt the same and I have had chronic leg pain, and imbalance on each side of my body. I found Rolfing the summer if 2012 and did a ten series. My pain was decreased and my body was feeling at ease. I could actually wear heels without causing the site of my former broken bones to swell. So many improvements. However, in March of 2013 I was still not back to being 100 percent balanced. My left leg was still larger than my right, I was still holding my stress in my neck, rotating my pelvis. Old habits were creeping in and then somehow I hurt my knee on vacation. I couldn’t walk down stairs, and every movement caused pain.
My former rolfer was away, so I sought out Marie. Well I have continued with her since. After just two sessions with Marie and two sessions of a knee series of Gyrotonics with master trainer Michelle Spinner, my knee was completely back to normal. My body felt lighter and easier to move in. So needless to say Marie and I are still working together. Marie has since helped to equalize my leg size, taught me to walk using my whole foot rather than just stomping down, and allowed me to get back in my heels for a few hours pain free! I honestly do not know to share the difference I feel being in my body. It goes beyond just not feeling pain.
I only hope that my clients, and others are fortunate enough to experience this type of body work with such a talented, thoughtful and masterful rolfer — Marie Zahn.

Laura Cipullo, RD, CDN, CDE, CEDRD, July 2013

Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition: 

* * * 

As it is always the case, transitions are not easy, and so finding back a routine and being good to one's body and mind are key to settling in and feeling at home. Marie was recommended to me by my former Rolfer when I moved to New York, so I contacted her on arrival. From the very first session, working with Marie felt very comfortable and enjoyable. Over the past months, thanks to her, I managed to surpass all my expectations in terms of results expected. With every session, I felt more and more aware of my body, and witnessed it becoming more confident and relaxed. My bad posture while sitting habits are gone too, and I actually feel straighter and taller altogether.
Changes in my body have also had a strong impact on my overall confidence and mental well-being - I am also thankful to Marie for the additional guidance outside the sessions on how to keep the gains achieved during each session and take them beyond the physical reality and into the mental one. All in all: thumbs up, beyond highly recommended.

Leszek, April 2015

* * * 

I have participated in athletics of various kinds for most of my life, and have accrued a number of injuries (mostly knees and shoulder) along the way.  Echoes of these past injuries have seemed to re-assert themselves as I’ve gotten older, and I have had considerable success in addressing those problems in the past through rolfing.  However, after visiting several rolfers, one such problem seemed to be unfixable. What had started as a nagging soreness in my hip had gradually developed into an increasingly debilitating chronic hip pain preventing me from working out and even interfering with certain of my day-to-day activities. I had visited several other rolfers/therapists in the hopes of at least improving to the point of being able to resume my pre-hip injury workout routine. But, relief remained elusive, and I found the pain continuing to progress and intensify rather than getting better.
I learned about Marie online and immediately noticed the difference in Marie’s approach relative to other practitioners. She took the time to ask questions about the history of my injury, to explain the most likely root causes, and she developed and communicated a plan of attack for tackling the underlying issues. It became immediately apparent that Marie takes a well balanced and nuanced approach to rolfing, including the use of nerve manipulation and targeted “adjustments” designed to fundamentally correct underlying issues (i.e., the source of the problem) rather than simply addressing the symptoms as manifested. While Marie is certainly willing and able to utilize significant “force” when necessary, she clearly takes efforts to limit discomfort to the client during the sessions, thereby obtaining the hoped for benefits of rolfing without the pain and discomfort I had become accustomed to.
After my first session with Marie, the difference was noticeable, and it was clear that “something” significant had changed in my hip, and my pattern of walking. Withing 2-3 days, I had regained some use and noticed significant alleviation of the pain I had been experiencing. Within three sessions, 80-90% of the pain was gone, and I had regained full ability to resume my pre-hip injury workout routine. After five sessions, the problem was fully resolved. In short, it couldn’t have gone much better than it did.
Even more surprising, one of the root causes Marie identified as a possible source of my knee and hip injuries was my high arches underfoot, which I had always been aware of and believed to be “just the way I was.” However, Marie has worked intensively with me on increasing the flexibility and range of motion of my entire foot and ankle, which has had the remarkable effect of fundamentally correcting the way in which I walk and run. The difference in my walking and running patterns is clear and noticeable, and I feel fundamentally more sound and stable when walking and running.  I am confident the effects of this adjustment will prove to be a long lasting positive development for me in limiting my susceptibility to future injury.
Moreover, Marie is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with, and her studio is clean, comfortable and private, making for a relaxing atmosphere conducive to the “rolfing experience” and to obtaining meaningful and lasting results. I recommend Marie very highly and would rate my experience to date as “excellent.”

Ari S., July 2013

* * * 

I have worked as a body professional for over 10 years and have experienced a wide range of body therapies in the hopes of rehabilitating, improving performance and/or keeping in touch with my own body and mind. Working with Marie has addressed all of these intentions. Depending on my needs at any given time, the work we do can be challenging or nurturing. Along with being highly skilled, I’ve found her to be very inventive and highly intuitive. She is decisive and kind, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Holistic in her approach, I always leave her office feeling that my concerns have been addressed, and that I have learned something new about myself and my body’s possibilities.

Cory Nakasue, owner of Body Intelligence: Pilates, yoga & somatic therapies, 2013

* * * 

Before going to see Marie I had tried several different therapies for back pain: massage, PT [physical therapy], chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. The Rolfing session I had with Marie was revelatory. Not only was the pain greatly diminished after one session, but her ability to explain what was going on in my body helped greatly in assisting me beyond the session. Since then I have begun a series of sessions and already can feel the difference in terms of freedom and range of movement.

Brent Felker, 2013

* * * 

I canot say enough good things about Marie and Rolfing. I had tried many things before I visited Marie to deal with imbalances in my body. I did acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic. Rolfing was the first time I had results that lasted more than a few days.  I have seen long-term results in my body and Marie offers both tips and advice to help instill these results.
Recently I pulled out my back and I was scared to go to Marie because in the past with other treatments it only made it worse.  However, one visit to Marie and I had full mobility and the pain was alleviated within twenty-four hours.
Marie is a great Rolfer.  She takes the time to listen and understand what is going on with my body and is able to give me results!  She cares about both her practice and her patients.

Marian Gitlin, 2013

 * * * 

My life and my work are extremely stressful. As a result I have plenty of aches and pains. Many people had suggested Rolfing, but I had heard it was extremely painful. Turns out: Rolfing was a complete revelation for me.
I did the series of 10 and walked out, literally, with a new posture. I started going to Marie for tune-ups, and each time, I was amazed at the depth of work on my body, the clarity of her understanding of my particular issues and her spot-on targeting in my anatomy of my need in that session. In addition to being highly professional, she is warm and very resourceful. I always leave our sessions feeling much better than before I came in and with suggestions for articles to read or films to see. Always a pleasure.

Michele Fillion, Hurry Up Sister Productions, LLC, 2013 

 * * * 

I was always curious about Rolfing but worried about the pain that could occur during a session. Marie is wonderful. She has a presence that comforts and instills trust making it easy to relax. During the session I was amazed at how little pain I felt. Going in I assumed the worst and while there were times of moderate discomfort the relief that I felt after was reward enough to make me want more. Upon leaving my first session I felt energized. That night I slept better than I did in weeks. The next day my body felt more relaxed. I noticed my posture was better and my breathing deeper. I am now beginning the ten series and can’t wait to see and, more importantly, feel the results!

Marisa G., August 2013

* * * 

I have been seeing Marie for the last 8 months and I have been delighted with the results of her work. I was completely new to Rolfing but tried it after both a chiropractor and back doctor failed to resolve the problems I had with my back. I had expected an intense version of a deep tissue massage but got a whole lot more. She asked questions and analyzed the way I moved. Based on her observations, she created a plan for addressing my issues although she adjusted the plan based on my responses to the sessions. After the session I usually feel relaxed and centered while enjoying a better range of movement in the area on which she worked. Sometimes I am sore the next day but I have noticed significant changes in my body. It has been amazing. I walk differently and have a greater range of movement in my feet and ankles. My back does not hurt even though I play 4-6 hours of tennis per week. I cannot recommend Marie highly enough. She will take you on the Rolfing journey at your own pace and will adapt the sessions to your exact needs.

Protima Daryanani, Esq., 2013