Our bodies are shaped by many factors. Our genetics, environment, diet, activity, stressors, injuries, habits, beliefs, and present attitudes all play a role. In turn, the expressions of these variables become our postural and movement patterns—our physical identity.

Rolfing is about change. It is a hands-on method that provides a new kinesthetic experience, a new way of relating to your body. Rolfing is a philosophy not seeking to fix, but to educate; thus, the change you experience is directly dependent on your participation. The goal is to investigate the sources of your discomfort—like chronic pain or tension—and develop understanding of their nature. Rolfing is instruction and experience of self-awareness put into practice.

To fully experience its potential, Rolfing is conducted over a series of sessions, usually at least ten consecutive. With an attuned quality of touch, I will apply various degrees of pressure. I do not force your body into an ideal or “correct” position. Instead, I communicate with your system by listening for what type of input your body needs (what layer and direction of force) for the most effective release. The body has the capacity to heal; my goal is to give the necessary space and input for that inherent self-correction and regulation to take place, resulting in lowered tissue tone and greater freedom.

Whether we experience what happens to us as obstacle and enemy or as teacher and friend depends entirely on our perception of reality. It depends on our relationship with ourselves
— Pema Chödrön